Become a ‘Bra Donation’ Collection Point

 World's Longest Bra Chain record attempt | MY LIFE. MY STYLE.


Hi, and thank you for your interest in becoming an official World's Longest Bra Chain 'Bra Donation Collection Point.


There are four benefits to this mission

1. Fundraising for the McGrath Foundation's 'Curve Lurve' program is the no. 1 priority.

2. To not just break the current world record, but to SMASH it by collecting 200,000 bras.

3. To support small businesses, like yourself, driving traffic through your doors, by promoting you as a "collection point", hopefully then turning those dropping off bras to you into customers.

4. Donating the wearable bras to those less fortunate, once the record has been judged.


Your role:

♥ Actively promote to your database of clients, family, friends, fans and followers that you are an official "collection point".

♥ With every bra that is collected you encourage bra donors to also donate $1 with EACH bra, this is not mandatory but is ideal.
The only exception to this would be if another charity donates bras I do not expect them to donate dollars i.e. Lifeline etc. Please note I do not expect that you should pay it on their behalf, but for all others I ask that you manage this accordingly. The purpose is to raise funds first and foremost, breaking the record is second.

♥ Transfer the funds donated to the official donation page (link below).





In the name area please enter YOUR business name, so I know who has made the donation. Example - MY LIFE. MY STYLE.

In the message please enter your business name again and the number of bras (should equal the $ donated) and your website address or a phone no. etc some way that your potential clients can find you. Use this to promote your business! Example - MY LIFE. MY STYLE. 100 bras,

For those collecting in SEQ, Darling Downs and Northern Rivers I am able to arrange collection of your bras. For those collecting elsewhere around Australia, please get in touch to discuss delivery options.


What I will do for you:

♥ Provide you with a promotional kit including logos and a quantity of fridge magnets to hand out to those donating bras or your clientele to remind them to bring them in next time they visit your business.

♥ List your business as an official 'Bra Donation' Collection Point on the MY LIFE. MY STYLE. Website.

♥ List your business in the MY LIFE. MY STYLE. Little Black Business Book Directory.

♥ Give you access to the MY LIFE. MY STYLE. Life + Style Blog, to be able to Guest Blog and promote your business to our database. Please use this service responsibly and fairly.

♥ Promote your business events through our MY LIFE. MY STYLE. Events Calendar. Simply drop us an email, with your event details and we will add it to our website calendar and to our social media platforms.

♥ Promote your business through our social media platforms i.e. Facebook page, Facebook Group, InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, Google + etc.

♥ I will actively drive traffic to this site, through paid and organic S.E.O. methods, via our social media platforms, online paid advertising and all media / PR opportunities given to us for the record attempt.


So that's it in a nutshell.  If you wish to get on board then please register your interest via the form below. Should you have any questions then click here and pop me an email, via the Get In Touch page.


Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting my mission and myself.  Your support is what is going to make this dream come true.

Wishing you every success in business and in life,

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