Bra Army Corporate Partner Campaign

Welcome to MY LIFE. MY STYLE. and thank you for your interest in my Bra Army Corporate Partner Campaign.

To have reached this page on my website I am sure you have a general overview of what it is I am creating…


A supportive community of like-minded people all striving for a better world

by living their ‘On Purpose’ life. 


As you look around the website you will see many ways people can be apart of this positive, productive and proactive space and that our avatar is quite broad in that we support and invite all women to join us, regardless of their background, age, occupation, and lifestyle.    Of course, our man friends are also welcome and we have initiatives to support them throughout the year as well.  After all, we do talk about boobs a lot, so why wouldn’t they want to join in the fun…  

Jokes aside, your motivation to conduct further research into MY LIFE. MY STYLE. is yours and probably quite unique to anyone else that wishes to become more involved, regardless I am grateful that you are here and have chosen to check us out for yourself. 


As you are aware the day-to-day operations of running such an organisation are both labour intensive and costly.  I will be the first to admit that when attempting the world record, the first time around, I really didn’t know what I had gotten myself into.  While I had a very detailed plan, the limited hours in each day and the cost involved to run a project of that size was far greater than I had anticipated.  Looking back, no wonder I didn’t break it.

Having now taken time to reflect upon the first attempt and step away from the bra stack to upskill myself, by undertaking my MBA, I have rediscovered my purpose in life and my true passion once again.  It was simple really…


My coach asked me ‘What would I do with my days if money was no object?’

Simple,’ I replied ‘I’d collect bras.’ 


So here we are… and while it is obviously so much more than just collecting bras, after a further 12 months research, reflection, planning, and preparation I am ready to break the world record of the ‘World’s Longest Bra Chain’ but that is just the start. Once we have knocked that baby over I will have more media attention and exposure than I will know what to do with, and it would be a shame to waste it so, I will use this massive achievement as my platform to launch further give-back programs and community initiatives for the purpose of supporting others to achieve their ‘On Purpose’ life. But I can’t do this alone.


While I know exactly what it is I need for us to achieve our milestones and long term goals, I appreciate that there needs to be more information shared, further understanding around our end game and of course, a mutually beneficial agreement in place before an organisation comes on board as a sponsor and writes a cheque. 

Which is why I would love the opportunity to meet with yourself, and your colleagues, to share with you the big picture and discuss the many ways we can tailor your involvement in the MY LIFE. MY STYLE. project, for maximum reward. 


To arrange a suitable time for us to meet, please feel free to call me direct on 0413 878 694 or email me via the form below. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon,






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