Time to Spring Clean the closets ladies!

Time to Spring Clean the closets ladies!

  Not sure what to bring to the Spring Clothing Exchange??? It doesn’t have to be JUST the labels I’ve listed… think more price range. So maybe not your Chanel, as you may not get a fair exchange.  Here are a few suggestions, of items […]



Ann is a Colour, Image & Confidence consultant who is passionate about teaching busy 40+ women how to look fabulous effortlessly without having to spend hours in front of a mirror. Originally from England, Ann spent  16 years in Africa and moved to Brisbane in […]

Earth Friendly Beauty

Earth Friendly Beauty

Wanderess Beauty // Mother Earth


“She stands, two feet firmly on mother earth, and feels what beauty is. It dances within her, wild and free.  No-one needs define it.” – Wanderess Beauty


We all love to get pampered and use lotions and potions for our “beauty”. So, it’s hard to imagine that the small act of cleansing, moisturising and putting on makeup each day could have anything to do with being “earth friendly”. The research is now showing us that every time we do that we are participating in a vast system of global environmental pollution, as well as subjecting our bodies to that same pollution. Hmmmm – not so beautiful hey!


It’s something many otherwise socially conscious women don’t know, but certainly should, that most mainstream skincare, makeup and cosmetics are filled with synthetic chemicals. Have you ever turned your bottle of moisturiser around and checked out the list of ingredients? It is the long-term manufacture and exposure to these synthetic chemicals that are causing toxic pollution to our environment and our bodies.


The research is now showing us that these ingredients are linked to asthma, dermatitis, neurological impacts, reproductive disorders, immune diseases and even cancer for humans. And these same synthetic chemicals are now found in our air, soil and water which directly impacts plants and animals with things like genetic mutations, population decline and death of some species. And the wasteful packaging used, adds to landfill. Again, not so beautiful.


Just a few of these ingredients include microbeads in face and body washes, synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT, DBP in nail polish, P-phenylenediamine in dark hair dye, triclosan in cleansers & hand sanitizers, DEA in cosmetics…….all no good for us or our planet.


Also consider that even some natural ingredients used, like palm oil, is also being linked to deforestation when it is being done unsustainably. Add to that the animal testing that is done with most skincare & cosmetics, it is easy to start wondering well how can I actually be “earth friendly” with my beauty routines?!


Firstly, the decision and actions that you take every day can have a really big impact, and that makes you powerful. Start to become informed, mindful and take a real interest in what’s in your beauty cabinet.


Then get super excited, because there is a world of green beauty out there, that is earth-friendly, nourishing and high performing! All the ingredients are non-toxic for you and our environment. So many of the brands are completely cruelty-free with no animal testing. They are made by brands and founders that have so much heart and love for people and planet. But, do watch out for “greenwashing” where brands say they are “natural” or “organic” but are actually not.


This journey to green beauty and a re-connection with self is what inspired me to start Wanderess Beauty. We exist to ignite wild beauty, a people and earth-friendly beauty that is an energy within all of us. We help women to make the switch to green beauty with our Discovery Box, while also re-connecting them to themselves and the beauty within. Our box is a step by step way to switch out your beauty cabinet, 1 beauty routine at a time, to all earth-friendly beauty. You can subscribe and join the movement at our website. 


To me, “Earth Friendly Beauty” is….

–       Grounded in the real beauty of earth

–       Non-toxic to humans or planet

–       Cruelty-Free

–       Ethical

–       Mindful

–       Locally made and sourced when possible

–       And is couched in a mindful ritual where you get to give yourself and your body love


You are the heroes, who with your everyday actions can impact on the beauty you feel, and the beauty of this planet.


“She stands, two feet firmly on mother earth, and feels what beauty is. It dances within her, wild and free. No-one needs define it.” – Wanderess Beauty

Wanderess Beauty // Mother Earth

Jessica Kiely @jessikiely

Chief Wanderess – Wanderess Beauty

Make The Switch at

Join the Movement and

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Attraxionz // Spring Clothing Exchange Sponsor Shout Out

Attraxionz // Spring Clothing Exchange Sponsor Shout Out


How lucky are we! The fabulous Kassandra of Attraxionz has jumped on board to sponsor our first bra collecting event in 4 years!

Kassandra is a jewellery designer based right here in Brisbane, Australia. Having been passionate about designing fashion jewellery for over 20 years now, so it was no surprise that in 2012 she launched the most deliciously versatile concept in jewellery design that will revolutionise the way you wear jewellery FOREVER!

Attraxionz! Pronounced “Attra-ctions” the new, super easy way to self-style your jewellery.

You see, every single piece of jewellery on Kassandra’s collection connects together and each piece is INTERCHANGEABLE! So you can now connect any of the jewellery pieces available in this store, to design the style of jewellery YOU want to wear. What LOOK are you wanting today? Sophisticated…Grunge…Classic? Or simply OUTRAGES! Mix ‘n’ match different pieces to create jewellery to suit your mood and your outfit…YOU are in control because Attraxionz is so easy to connect and to customise!


Designer Q Fashion Show

St John Cathedral, BRISBANE

This style of jewellery is designed and lovingly hand-crafted by Kassandra and is EXCLUSIVE to Attraxionz. There are limited quantities of each design and I like to introduce NEW designs every couple of months.

Kassandra’s passion for quality jewellery and excellent customer service is PARAMOUNT!!

To check out the Attraxionz collection before the Spring Clothing Exchange event jump on over to Kassandra’s website – and have a peek around.

I am so excited to have Kassandra join me once again, on my crazy bra collection quest.

To book your ticket to the MY LIFE. MY STYLE. 2017 Spring Clothing Exchange simply click the below link.






I can't wait to see you there,