Your Privacy

Thank you for taking the time to read my website Privacy Policy.

In doing so you have shown me that you are concerned about the protection of your personal details and guess what… so am I.  So please know I don’t take this concern lightly and will always respect your right to privacy.

For your peace of mind I would like to reassure you that I do not automatically collect your personal details when you visit my site. The only time I do collect and retain any such information is when you give me permission to do so, i.e. when you subscribe to my newsletter or blog.

You can also rest assured that the information you provide me will only ever be used to communicate with you via my ‘Juicy News’ newsletter, should you subscribe, or regarding an inquiry you might make online.

From time to time, I may also use your information for internal purposes i.e. to generate sales statistics, marketing campaigns and future development, but nothing scary… just so I can continue to improve my content, event experiences and membership offering to better support you.

Finally, you will note the website does provide links to a few third party sites and social media platforms. Please note, I are not in control of these sites and therefore cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of such sites while you are visiting them, so please make yourself familiar with their policies if you have any concerns.

Thanks for taking time to read the boring stuff, but I (as you do) feel it is important to say these things out aloud.


Happy living, 

Caryn x