“World’s Longest Bra Chain” Record Attempt

Hi and thanks for your interest in my World Record attempt.

Just like most people that get on board to support an illness related cause, my family have been devastated, many times, by this terrible disease. We had six (6) family members diagnosed with some form of cancer within a 12 month period, it was horrific to say the least. Although most have been on my husband’s side of the family, I do have two of the most beautiful children, who fortunately and unfortunately share the same blood line. This concerns me, just as it would any parent.

At first I started raising funds in memory of those that had been diagnosed, today I am on a mission to fund a vaccination and more prevention and early detection programs for our children, against this dreaded disease.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no scientist, I don’t even know if a vaccination would be possible, but why should we let that stop us?

My goal is to create the “World’s Longest Bra Chain”, for every bra donated I ask that you donate $1.00. That $1.00 will go to the Cancer Council QLD via an Everyday Hero link.

As you look around this site you will find a list of all the fabulous businesses, around Australia, that have volunteered to be official ‘bra donation’ collection points, as well as the details of a group of amazing businesses that have come on board to support my crazy quest by offering products, services or even cash to ensure we achieve this goal.  Please show these businesses your support, as if it wasn’t for their support, we wouldn’t be traveling this amazing journey today.

My mission is made up of four (4) components -

1. To break the current world record of 170,000 bras, measuring 170km, currently held by a group of cheeky New Zealand Girl Guides (good work girls!). Now depending on where you look you may read that it is in fact a Bundaberg fundraising organisation that is the current world record holder. Regardless friends, my goal is at least 200,000 bras which means, we not only will break both records but potentially $200,000 for the Cancer Council.

Judging will be taking place on Saturday 5th October 2013, venue to be confirmed, but it will be incorporated into the 2013 “Breast Friends Night In” (Girls Night In) event… actually it will be more like a whole day, but we will get to that later.

2. Fundraising for the Cancer Council and vital prevention, early detection, cure research and support of those suffering from this terrible disease and their families.

3. Supporting fabulous small businesses around Australia, particularly in such dodgy economic times.

4. After we have had the attempt judged we will be donating the still wearable bras to those less fortunate than ourselves.

So as you can see many people will benefit from this mission.

Should you not be one to wear a bra, but you would still like to make a donation, The Cancer Council QLD suggested I set up an Everyday Hero Fundraising page as we will always welcome donations, even if there isn’t a bra attached :)

So thank you, for taking the time to read and become informed of my quest. For more information on how to participate in my World Record attempt, you can email me via the Contact Caryn page or the Sponsor An Event page by clicking either link.

Best wishes, Caryn x

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